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World on a String

World on a String was a collaborative fundraising campaign for the Fayetteville, Arkansas based nonprofit ForgottenSong. The event pulled together local students, businesses, and artists to help raise funds for oversea projects in countries ravaged by the atrocities of war.

Local outdoor company Fayettechill™ was the main sponsor for the event, and was heavily implemented into the marketing of the event, encouraging everyone to be open to connection. I worked with Fayettechill to incorporate part of their logo into the logo for the event, and they contributed an amazing shirt design. The idea behind the name was that we are all connected by some degree—usually closer than we think. That idea needed to be displayed in a tangible way, but also in an informative way that was understood with a quick look through the brochure.

Through strongly texturized imagery, the heavy weight of the cause was subtly conveyed, further giving base to the harrowing numbers portrayed in the infographic. However, the bright, fun graphical style of the infographic brought a sense of hope to the viewer, allowing them to realize the power of their dollar.

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