With years of varied experience across multiple industries, you can trust that your brand will be in good hands. My background includes work for non-profit, agency, retail, food and beverage, education, and corporate clients.

Coaches come up with a game plan before ever taking foot on the field. When telling someone’s story, I take the time to develop an effective strategy that will stand up against the competition, and win.

Brands are more than just a name—they’re an identity. The right logo, business card, or website can be the difference between opportunity lost or gained. Whatever your design needs are, I’ve got you covered.

Design isn’t all that matters in articulately telling a story. You have to guide your user in a way that makes sense, and is easy on the eyes. I’ll help you discover the best way to communicate your story.

Discovery & Strategy

Before you tell a story, you have to know the story. Through an detailed process of company analysis, face-to-face meetings, and market research, I can gain a deep understanding of your needs, and how to meet them. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to branding. After gaining insight on your company in the discovery process, a tailor-made roadmap will be developed that will help set the course for what’s ahead.

Initial Evaluation

To get things started, I like to sit down with you to learn about your company and what your needs are. After a full audit of your current situation has been done, it will provide a deeper understanding of how we can work towards a solution.

Research & Analysis

This is where the fun begins. I’ll take an extensive look into your current market, your audience, your competitors, and potential opportunities. Collecting all of this data will give a clear picture of how to move forward most effectively.


After getting a clear picture of where your brand currently sits in the market, we’ll define a strategy that puts you in the most valuable position. This will be meticulously compared to your competitors, focusing on a plan that resonates most with your specific audience.

Branding Strategy

Every good brand needs a platform to launch from. With a focused and well-thought approach to the your brand’s rationale, we can develop a course of design that will ultimately guide the design process in deliberate methods that have a lasting impression.

Interactive Strategy

Keeping the user in mind, we’ll leverage our research to deliver the best experience for your users. After gaining knowledge on the behaviors, preferences, and goals of your users, we can define an experience strategy that will most effectively meet their needs.

Identity & Branding

A brand is more than just a fancy name or memorable logo. It’s an elaborate collaboration of elements working in unison to tell your story in a memorable and powerful way. When designing your brand, we’ll look at identifying factors like color, typography, and illustrative styles while keeping in mind a wide variety of use cases. This process lays a consistent groundwork that further establishes your brand, while also allowing room for growth.


Before you can speak, you need a voice. In this stage, we’ll clearly define the best way to accurately portray your brand’s mission and vision. We want you to be able to speak to your audience in a way that communicates the core of who you are in a simple to understand tone.

Visual Identity

A brand is instantly recognizable through it’s unique visual language. Starting with a logo, we’ll develop a comprehensive identity system that immediately sets you apart from the competition in a way that’s specific to you. This includes your core visual identity — logotype, mark, secondary typography, and color palette.


With a messaging approach in place, we’ll implement the same tone-of-voice throughout your entire brand’s reach. From product-focused messaging to marketing copy and ads, this is where your brand really starts to come alive.

Marketing Assets

With an established identity and voice, design has a clear directive. We’ll take that into account for every piece of print and digital collateral needing to effectively communicate your message to the masses. We can design everything from logos and supporting marks to event posters and invites to business cards, billboards, vehicle wraps, package designs, and more.

Brand Guidelines

And we don’t want to leave you hanging! In order to maintain consistency in both visual identity and messaging, it is important that everyone in your company is on the same page. A clear and detailed brand guide will be developed for your teams reference.

User Experience

In the digital world we are a part of, no brand is ever static. Users experience your brand in a multitude of different ways, and need to be properly guided down the right path if your voice is to be clearly heard. A full analysis of user personas and flows will help to develop a user experience that’s just right.

Information Architecture

Just as a house goes through meticulous planning and revisions before a single nail is placed, the same goes for interface design. We’ll take a deep dive into every piece of information your website or product has, and make sure there is a clear pathway for users to find it.

Interface Design

Words on a page can get boring quite fast if treated incorrectly. A thoughtful design process must be in place to layout information in a digestible and attractive way that makes your user want to look at the page.

User Experience

When facing a library of information, a user needs provided a clear roadmap on how to navigate through it all. That’s where our meticulous process of user experience comes into hand. We’ll use a combination of research and best practice to guide your user on the right course.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Once a solid plan is drawn out for your interface and user experience, we’ll start putting the pieces together through rough wireframes. Then, as things begin to take shape, prototypes of the finish product will be made for testing and viewing.

Web Design

A well designed prototype will set the stage for expeditious web development. We’ll place everything together in a seamless design that flows well between mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.